This long-term project, directed jointly by the Centre d’études nordiques and the Louis-Marie Herbarium, was initiated in the 1980s by Serge Payette.

    The Flora includes a complete description of the taxa found within the region of 54° 00’ N and 62° 36’ N (Hudson Straight) and 57° 13’ W and 80° 05’ W, which covers the area between Hudson Bay and James Bay to the Labrador Sea. The Flora includes around 800 taxa distributed amongst 76 families and 268 genera. Classification keys for each taxon of each family are being prepared by recognized botanists using specimens from the Herbarium, of which 78 % from Québec, 11 % from Labrador, and 11 % from Nunavut.

    The Flora is elaborate due to the construction of an electronic database that includes the description and botanical validation of around 90 000 herbarium specimens coming principally from Québec university herbaria (Laval, Montréal, McGill), the governments of Québec and Newfoundland, the Canadian Museum of Nature, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the Gray Herbarium of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The taxonomic description of each plant is accompanied by illustrations and digital photographs depicting their diagnostic characteristics, a geographic distribution map, and comments pertaining to their habitat and biogeographical traits.

    Once the Flora is published, an internet site will be created which will take advantage of our interactive electronic database. This internet site will post details of each herbarium specimen within the database and allow species distribution maps and data regarding the specimens that does not appear in published works to be generated.

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