This project aims to highlight the Lichens at the Louis-Marie Herbarium collection, most of which were collected in the Québec–Labrador regions. The lichen collection contains many old specimens of historic and scientific value. The atlas will contain, specimens collected from the expeditions of the first explorers of northern Québec, including those of Ernest Lepage and Arthème Dutilly. The Lichen Atlas will include several hundred species represented by some 37000 specimens integrated within the HERCUL database. A map of the geographic distribution of each taxon will be provided along with a commentary on site conditiions.

    The internet site, taking advantage of our electronic database, will allow for data research, and on-the-fly distribution map generation by users. This atlas will be a useful research tool regarding the lichen inventory and distribution in Québec. In addition, it will be useful for determining species that require protection measures.