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Donate to the Louis-Marie Herbarium Fund

Your donations help extend the collection and carry out enhancement projects to better show the collection for the benefit of the scientific community and the general public.

Thank you for your generosity!


Accepting Collections

Thanks to donations and exchange of specimens with other institutions, the Louis-Marie Herbarium is constantly extending it's collection.

Homing of orphan collections helps preserve Quebec's scientific heritage. Once integrated into the Louis-Marie Herbarium, the new acquisitions will be available for consultation by students, professors and researchers, or by the general public. Specimens will be of use for botanical identification or in various studies in domains such as systematics, biodiversity, genetics and phenology.

The herbarium is accepting recently collected as well as older specimens, in good condition, from all the plant groups and from any origin. Specimens must be accompanied by comprehensible label providing at least the following information: species' name in latin, the location and date of collection, habitat description and the name of the collector. In the case of a personal herbarium donation, it is possible to emit a tax-deductable receipt (after valuation analysis of the collection by the Herbarium).

Please contact us for more information regarding donations.

Phone : 418.656.2131 poste 2544
E-mail :

Recently Received Collections

  • Collection Jean Faubert - 10,000 specimens

  • Brothers of the Sacred Heart - Victoriaville  1051 specimens

  • Nicolet Siminary - 1675 specimens

  • Personnal Collection of Bernard Têtu - 1468 specimens

  • Gray Herbarium (GH) - Harvard (exchange) - 66 specimens

  • Royal Botanical Garden (E) - Edimbourg (exchange) - 171 specimens