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Louis-Marie Herbarium

The Louis-Marie Herbarium is a collection of high-quality vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens, adapted to the current needs of researchers in the fields of systematics, biogeography, ecology, genetics and molecular biology.

The Herbarium prioritizes specimens from alpine, subarctic and boreal regions in Canada and in the northern hemisphere. It houses approximately of 790,000 plant specimens, mainly from Quebec and Canada.


Making a herbarium

This how-to guide is made available to anyone interested in making a herbarium.

Citizen Science for Biodiversity

Take part in the digitization of the Louis-Marie Herbarium collection with our crowdsourcing portal. Your involvement will be to explore photographs of herbarium voucher and transcribing the label information on the platform.

Volunteer opportunities

The Louis-Marie Herbarium is looking for volunteers wishing to dedicate one day or more per week to herbarium work.


Laval University Herbarium catalogue

Browse through our plant specimens with our advanced search tool.

The HERCUL database is a snapshot of the collection at this point in time. Therefore, the published data is as written on the labels, except for some added geolocations.


Only scientific names are used in the database.


The “Vascular Plants” database contains 176,178 entries, and the “Bryophytes and lichens” database contains 23,020 entries, representing about 38% of the collection.