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The Louis-Marie Herbarium is looking for volunteers wishing to dedicate one day or more per week to do herbarium work (Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm). 
We especially need help in the fall and winter semesters when we process specimens collected during the previous summer.

On site opportunites

Here's of few example of tasks where help is needed:

  • Mounting of dried specimens
  • Restoration (preventive care and repair)
  • Data entry
  • Reshelving
  • Specimens photography (new)

Volunteers can choose tasks according their ability and preference. We especially need people that are meticulous and crafty find for mounting specimens.

While helping a the herbarium, volunteers will have the opporunity to learn more about plant species occuring in Québec, plant classification, how to make a herbarium and much more.

For more information:

Annie St-LOUIS
Phone 418.656.2131 ext.: 407462

Help us decipher the Louis-Marie Herbarium remotely

The puropse of this project is to increase the accessibility of our collection by making 
a large number of specimens available online (data and images) for all.
The digitization of the specimens also facilitates research in the collection.

For this task, we recently implemented a website ( which displays images of herbarium specimens online. Deciphering the labels' information (manuscripted or typed) and is often beyond the limits of optical character recognition (OCR) at this time and that's why we need your help. This information is required to properly catalogue and make specimens accessible.

This task can be done from anywhere on the planet, as long as you have access to a computer and an Internet connexion to access the transcription plateform website.

Here's an example of the transcription plateform
portail de saisie


For more information, or if you wish to help, please contact :

Phone 418.656.2131 ext.: 406232