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General Terms of Use

These Terms of Use set out the rules and terms and conditions to be followed when browsing an Université Laval website and using the content and features available to users.

Use of this site implies acceptance of the Terms of Use in this section. The Terms of Use can be modified at any time, so please check back periodically for updates. This website is made available solely for personal and non-commercial use.

As a Université Laval website user, you must comply with the rules respecting information security and the use of information assets (Règlement de la sécurité de l’information sur l’utilisation des actifs informationnels).

Links to Other Websites

This site contains links to other websites. Université Laval has no control over them, so it cannot guarantee neither data confidentiality, nor the accuracy or completeness of the content, advertising, products, services, or other materials available on or from these other websites. In addition, Université Laval cannot be held liable for loss or damage resulting from the use of such websites.

Accuracy of Information

Some of the information on this website may come from outside sources. Université Laval takes all possible steps to ensure the accuracy, topicality, and reliability of this content, but it may contain errors or may not reflect recent changes. If you note an error on these pages, please contact us at


The content of this website is for information purposes only. Université Laval cannot be held liable for the result of using information contained on this site.


Université Laval strives to protect the personal information and the privacy of its members. For more information, visit our Privacy page.

Information security best practices 

  •  Always use active, up-to-date antivirus software.
  • Avoid sharing sensitive data on social media, including personal information about yourself or other people (complete birthdate, address, etc.).
  • Secure your electronic devices with a password and never leave mobile devices unattended in a public place.
  • Clear your browser’s cache.
  • Close your session as soon as you finish using an online service, or close all browser windows.

Email Communications

Any email communications sent by Université Laval to its students are sent using an email address ending in Communications from any other email address should not be trusted.

You may receive email spam indicating that Université Laval offers scholarships covering all admission fees and tuition costs to help international students come to Canada to study.

If you question the validity of your arrangement or would like to verify the identify of an individual or organization claiming to represent Université Laval, contact us using one of the methods in the Contact Us section.

Intellectual Property

The content found on this website, including text, photographs, illustrations, graphics, logos, names, and audio and video clips, is protected by national and international property law, specifically as it relates to copyright infringement. Université Laval retains all right, title, and interest in and to the content.

Any copying, republishing, reproduction, distribution, dissemination, public availability, or modification in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Any other use of the content published on the website without prior written consent could subject the violator to legal action.

More about the Terms of Use

If you have questions regarding these terms of use, please email us at