The Louis-Marie Herbarium collection is open to university and college researchers and students, as well as to professionals and amateurs, who wish to identify specimens, study the taxonomy and systematics of particular groups, gather information regarding the geographic distribution of taxa, or sample small amounts of plant material for genomic studies.


    The Herbarium’s resources are available to members of the university community for teaching and research purposes, as well as to researchers at other institutions around the world. Each year thousands of specimens are expedited to other herbariums. Likewise, the Louis-Marie Herbarium borrows thousands of specimens to the benefit of the researchers at our institution. The use of vaucher specimens is conducted according to the usual standards in order to ensure the perennity and integrity of the specimens.


    The Louis-Marie Herbarium assure a specimen exchange program with other institutions. A priority is given to vascular plants, bryophytes, and lichens from boreal, subarctic, and arctic regions. For more information, please contact the curator (herbier@herbier.ulaval.ca)


    The Herbarium offers an identification service for botanical specimens. Due to the high demand, this service is not free of charge. Contracts can be arranged for the identification of large numbers of specimens. For more information, please contact the curator (herbier@herbier.ulaval.ca).


    The Herbarium has around 3000 books on Québec, Canada, North America and Europe Flora.

    Works on taxonomy, systematics, ecology, and horticulture occupy an important place in the library. In addition, the library also contains documents on mycology, bryology, and lichenology.

    The Herbarium library titles are listed in the Laval University Library catalog.